Take your Cinema4d skills to the next level with Cinema4d advanced production techniques from Simon Holmedal, Paul Everett, Raphael Rau, Simon Fiedler, Derya and Douwe in this 13 episode series recorded live in Copenhagen at a 2 day seminar hosted by Pingo van der Brinkloev. Over 10 hours of screen captured material has been edited into this intensive package with in depth talks about Mograph, Xpresso, workflow, modeling, photo realistic rendering with Vray®, NPR rendering, Python, particles, plugins and dirty tricks. Though the techniques are advanced, you will be able to tag along and replicate the various workflows.
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My name is Pingo and I am a Danish high end VFX artist. I am  considered a generalist with a combination of skills that match most established post production facilities and often used as a freelancer on demanding jobs. My capabilities include 3D ultra realism, simulations, motion graphics, matte painting, directing and VFX supervision. I am fluent in most major 3D/2D packages. Optimization is the key word. All jobs are treated with procedures to minimize production time and maintain schedule and cost. The use of online render farms, on location editing or remote screen-sharing eliminates speed bumps and bottlenecks and  secures an efficient, lightning fast process and a result that matches expectations. I am efficiently eliminating any irrelevant, time consuming or cost-heavy parts of the job. I can be mobile and bring my own software/hardware. Contact me to check for availability or to get a quote. Thank you for your interest Pingo van der Brinkloev
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shanghai mine mine mine / music video / direction + VFX
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